Sign users who require the ultimate in portability, durability, and changeability love our plastic A-Frame sidewalk signs. They are lightweight and set up quickly. Most can be carried by a handle when in the closed position. Setup involves one easy step — simply spreading the feet at the bottom.

Businesses with changing sign needs also appreciate how fast the ads on these signs can be changed. Some models changing your panel out is as easy as sliding the old out and inserting the new, while others utilize industrial strength hook and loop fasteners for attaching the sign panels to the frame. Either way, our plastic A-Frame signs will make changing signs virtually effortless.

Our A-Frame signs are made of high grade plastics which can withstand years of use without warping, cracking, or fading, while being lightweight and compact enough to use and store virtually anywhere. For advertising where windy conditions are common, you will appreciate our flat-based, spring loaded sign frames with hollow bases which can be filled with sand or water to keep them in position while the sign panel can sway freely in the wind.