Banner Frames

PLEASE NOTE: These banner frames have a special grommet layout. If ordering a banner for one of these frames please use the link below or add specific instructions into the design notes so the grommets can be placed accordingly.

Replacement Banners for Banner Frames

Outdoor Banner Frames are a free-standing, easy to use outdoor installation solution for many advertising needs. They can be installed (or removed) in less than fifteen minutes. Extremely lightweight and very simple to install makes it easy for virtually anyone to use these Outdoor Banner Frames. Use two together to create a V-shaped frame that can be seen in traffic from all directions. You can purchase new banners for the frame and get numerous uses out of it. The banner attaches to the frame easily with zip ties. It will leave a lasting first impression on your clients and customers.

Installation of these frames is a breeze. The frames themselves assemble with just four bolts and the included Allen wrench. Drive the two enclosed studs into the ground with a hammer (they only need to go in about twelve inches) and slide the frame down on top. Made of a rugged structural fiberglass, they can last for years without damage or wear. They collapse down into a box that is six inches square (6in²) on the short sides.