Adhesive Vinyl

Adhesive Vinyl Installation Guidelines:

We recommend that you lay the vinyl flat for about an hour prior to installation to allow the material to relax and flatten after shipping.

1. Lift the upper edge of the liner away from the vinyl and fold back approximately 3-6 inches (depending on the size of the graphic).

2. Carefully position the vinyl so that it is properly aligned on all sides, then press the upper corners in place using light pressure.

3. Using your hand or a soft plastic squeegee, lightly press the film in place.

4. Working from the top of the graphic to the bottom, continue by peeling away more of the liner and applying light pressure to the vinyl. Continue in this manner until the liner is completely removed and the graphic is in place.

5. If you are installing more than one panel, properly align the next graphic in relation to the adjoining panel(s).

6. Note: In the case of graphics that must be seamed together, install the two pieces so that the edges of the film butt against each other (don't overlap the two edges of the vinyl).

7. Finally, squeegee the vinyl from the center and work outward in all directions.

8. Be sure to squeegee the edges firmly in place.

Step back and admire your work!